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Well out of my comfort zone

Yesterday I took on one of my fears, I replaced the battery in my car! Big deal? it was for me. I don't do cars, plumbing or gas.. put me in front of a computer, camera or cheesecake and you'll see a happy George. Funny I should include camera in that list cos 9 months ago I hadn't a clue how to navigate a DSLR. Thanks to my old employer "granting" me the time off to live; many a hour in front of YouTube; countless Meetups; and some very knowledgeable and generous friends, I hope I can now take a half decent shot. The learning curve has been steep however, thankfully I keep coming across talented individuals who keep me grounded with their sheer knowledge and expertise; A constant reminder of how little I actually know. But it's all good.. photography is an art form, a science, a way of life and many other things; it demands time and patience and rewards well. It teaches you to look at things in a new light (sorry), like those grey cloudy days which I use to hate; now perfect for so many shots. So what's on the agenda for the next 9 months? A new job has to be top of that list, so much equipment to purchase and it ain't cheap. Also a couple of holidays on the horizon, Canada and Iceland.. both stunning backdrops for some landscape photography; I cannot wait to see what 9 months at the school of trial & error can produce.

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