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Niagara, Force of nature

Nothing quite prepared me for the sheer power of the falls at Niagara. I was left breathless (not to mention waterlogged) and felt privileged to be able to witness its beauty and grandeur first hand.

My approach was from the Canadian side, widely considered to be the better of the two vantage points despite the "theme park" style attractions and rides. One such ride, the Mist Rider zip line, sends you plummeting down the edge of the Niagara River gorge to the Falls observation landing at 40 mph!

Samuel De Champlain the first European to discover the falls back in 1604 whilst exploring Canada. Can you imagine his thoughts as he fell victim to the thunderous noise caused by 568,000 litres of water crashing over the crest-line every second? You'll have to make up your own mind over which of the many accounts of Niagara's history you believe.

For me the only disappointment was that man had managed to turn such a magnificent wonder into yet another Vegas-style attraction, complete with penny arcades and Elvis impersonators. I want to be able to visit such wonders unspoiled, but then, would I have been able to capture my images and feel the power of the falls up close had it not been for the entrepreneurial spirit of man?

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