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Finding His Way: Matthias' Journey

I met this young man in October 2016 whilst visiting the CN Tower in Toronto. He was travelling alone during his gap year and had visited South Africa and New York prior to our introduction.

Both armed with our SLR's we struck up a brief conversation on photography and ended up exchanging details. I couldn't wait to check out his work, something about him suggested he'd show promise. Needless to say I was truly blown away with this 19 year old's portfolio, centred mainly around landscape, architecture and abstract (check out his "Toronto" and "Bulb" collections). He has a keen eye for detail and composes his images like a seasoned pro, you get the impression that he really enjoys the camera.

I've been inspired by Matthias' art and look forward to enjoying more of his projects in the future. Matthias' photography can be found at

more: dyerblog on Canada

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