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Searching for the lights pt 1

​Seeing that I would be spending my 53rd birthday in Iceland I was hoping to catch a glimpse (and loads of pictures) of the infamous Northern Lights.

The Aurora forecast was looking pretty favourable for the southern regions of the island; but we all know that forecasts are just predictions, and true to form things soon changed. Having not seen the memo the clouds turned up to the party in force, scuppering any chance of enjoying the light show with the naked eye. Thankfully Reykjavik Excursions offered us a second tour in the event of a no-show, so we re-booked for the following Friday.

All was not lost however; by using a high ISO, long exposure, a tripod and focusing to infinity I was able to grab a few half decent images. Fingers crossed these wouldn't be my only offerings.

Technology 1 : Human eye 0.

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