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Well Versed And On Point

@ Boxpark Shoreditch:

Following my recent introduction to the "world’s first pop-up mall" I wasn't sure when I would have the pleasure of returning. But like a moth to a flame I landed at the east London venue this evening, totally unaware of the treat I was about to enjoy. Music photographer Courtney Francis played host to fellow photographer Ashley Verse for an exclusive live edition of his podcast Focal Point.

Ashley Verse (left) and Courtney Francis

Now I'm not going to pretend to be familiar with Ashley's or Courtney's work but I was hooked on their every word. Here were two young men driven by a passion for music and photography; and through determination they managed to marry the two together. An achievement most can only dream of.

The session kicked off with an informative and entertaining discussion between the two covering issues from the best time to post your Instagram pics, to the in's and outs of life in the press pit. The two hour slot concluded with questions and answers to both guest and host.

I walked away inspired by these troopers, they clung to their dreams, worked hard, took punches to the chin and were rewarded for their tenacity. On top of that, they've both remained humble and true to their game.. something to aspire to.

Courtney Francis

I returned home fired up and with a head full of questions to ponder; Will I ever have the confidence to make photography a full time venture? Where should I be focussing my attention? I have no answers yet but maybe that's not as important as considering the questions in the first place.

Forums like Focal Point need to happen more frequently, not only are they a great source of inspiration but they sew the seed for self re-evaluation. I know I intend to keep pushing myself towards a career in photography.. I still maintain enough passion to steer that ship. When I finally get there I can only hope that I still have enough fire in my belly to keep the motor running.

Ashley Verse and Courtney Francis' story centered around the Grime music world, however their experiences could be that of any photographer, and that's what I took away from the evening. So whilst I have little experience in the genre their exchange was far from lost on me; an all-inclusive and on point discussion.


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