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Double Vision: Journey Into Abstract Photography

Ask anyone who knows me they'll tell you I've always had a thing for manipulating photos. Back in the day I would have used other people's artwork downloaded from the Internet, nowadays I "play" with my own. Not being blessed with the ability to draw, sing, dance or act, the right side of my brain always craved stimuli, I guess this was just what it wanted.

I sometimes look at an image and think I can do more with it. Some may say that the original looks better (I'm sure Izrah would prefer he wasn't portrayed as two faced) but I quite like (and can't help) looking for that picture inside a picture. I now find myself experimenting more and more with double and multiple exposures.

Naturally I don't claim to be a master at this game, I have a whole lot to learn, but the feeling of pride I get as my babies come to life before my eyes keeps me going. And there's another point, my pictures are born of my own imagination; yes I'd be ecstatic if everyone loved them as much as I love creating them, but I guess we don't always get what we want in this life.

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