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The night owl turns early bird

A couple of weeks ago I took to the streets of London bright and early encouraged by my good friend James. Our intention was to capture the sun rising over the Thames and the glorious colours that comes with it. I managed to snap the ball of fire as it was making its first appearance over the horizon marking the beginning of another glorious day. This isn't something I experience often being a bit of a night owl, but it left me full of awe and yearning for more, so I arranged another outing with a hardy group of early birds.

There was something spooky about being the only one on the platform of one of the capitals busiest stations (human anyway, if you look carefully you might just make out the other inhabitants of the platform in the distance). The Night Tube has been running for some time now and I don't profess to being the only person using it but it certainly felt like it on this occasion.

We gathered on London Bridge in anticipation of the light show that was to follow; I spent the week keeping an eye on the forecast and we were promised a dry morning with some cloud cover. Thanks to Sun Surveyor (link below) I had an idea of where the sun would be rising from, so there was time for a few shots of Tower Bridge before moving over to the South Bank.

As I see it there were only two things that could have spoil the morning, one being a sudden change in the weather (this is England remember) and the the other being my good friends the "Fun Police" (aka estate security). But it seems the morning brings with it good luck, and neither interfered.

As it happens I didn't quite get the star-like appearance I was going for as in my first image (above) from my outing with James; despite using a small aperture the clouds didn't get the memo on time and were in the wrong place! That said, I still went home satisfied with my efforts.. tired as hell, but satisfied.

The Early Birds:



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