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Three go to the Kent coast

Despite my love of the coast I can count on one hand the number of times I've photographed it. So when my good friend Will suggested taking a trip down to Broadstairs I jumped at the opportunity. The original plan was to catch the first train to this jewel of the Kent coast but seeing that the first service wasn't 'till 6.30am I felt it would be a shame to miss out on the sunrise so suggested driving.

All agreed, we set off at 3 am with the intention of scouting the beach for the perfect spot to capture both the Blue hour and the following sunrise. With tripods in place all that was left to do was soak in the peacefulness and await the arrival of the sun.

Four hours of shooting and more fresh air than our City lungs were used to and it was time to seek some fuel. A friendly local dog walker pointed us in the direction of Beaches Cafe where we downed a good ole hearty breakfast. Waitress Cemanthe, an established photographer herself, recommended the walk along the coastline to neighbouring Ramsgate.

A fantastic walk it was too; full of all the trappings of your English seaside resort yet rugged enough to allow your imagination (and camera lens) to go wild.

The Early Birds:

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