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Barbados: The gem of the Atlantic

Barbados.. Bim.. Little England.. or as I prefer, my gem of the Atlantic. I love this island and have been fortunate enough to have visited on several occasions. This however was my first outing with newly trained photographers eyes and although I made the decision to travel with my lightweight entry level Nikon D3300 in hand I hope you agree that the beauty of this Caribbean paradise shone through.

This is a land of contradictions.. serene yet rugged, easy on the eye yet rough round the edges, independent yet a sovereign nation. Barbados always delivers, every visit leaves me with a different emotion; this year I wasn't flying back to the UK with my usual heavy heart, instead I felt refreshed and enlightened with my soul warmed and batteries recharged. I said farewell (for now) to a dear friend looking forward to my next encounter.

A little (and possibly chilling) reminder that you are on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean not exempt from natural disaster. In fact at least 500 Tsunamis have impacted the Caribbean and adjacent regions in as many years.

The old hospital on Jemmotts Lane, Bridgetown (above) has been disused for many years now and has been described as a local eyesore. I disagree from a photographic perspective but can appreciate the frustration of the locals. Watch out for more images of this beautiful and derelict site on Dyerblog soon.

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