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2017 in focus

In January of 2017 I returned to full-time work after a year away from the rat race. I was worried about the effect this may have had on my new found activity but I needn't be. The thirst was still there as was the inspiration and determination to press on.

The one thing that didn't change throughout the year was my equipment, I had hopes of extending my arsenal of lens' or maybe another body; but alas no, my shallow pockets had other ideas.

Who knows what the new year will bring, I'm just hoping that I'll still have the enthusiasm and energy to keep pushing that envelope. I've promised myself to get more exposure in 2018, I'll be entering competitions and printing more of my images. I've even threatened my close friends with the prospect of hanging my pieces work in their homes. Let's see how that pans out.

lessons learnt

What golden nuggets can I share with you from 2017?

Be brave and step outside that comfort zone:

You might actually surprise yourself and enjoy it. It's all too easy to shoot your favourite things, but think about it.. you may be limiting your exposure to valuable principles and techniques. For me I've always loved shooting architecture, I still do; so when I was asked to shoot a children's party I struggled having not had much practise shooting moving objects. In the end I really enjoyed the experience and went on to shoot several more throughout the year. My photography has definitely benefited from the additional skills acquired and my eyes were opened to new experiences.

Appreciate your "brand":

One of the most pleasurable moments of 2017 was when a couple of people (on separate occasions) referred to a few of my images as "very George Dyer". This meant the world to me as I always saw my pictures as disjointed. I think most photographers would like to be identified by their images, like my all-time hero Saul Leiter. can be. My advice to anyone starting out on their artistic journey is to stay true to themselves, keep track of what pleases you and don't be too drawn in by what's "popular" if you're not comfortable with it. Your thing might be black & white, or macro, or chocolate box.. just enjoy it!

proudest moments

Here's a selection of my personal favourites from the past twelve months (may change so please check back regularly).

props to my peeps

As always a special thank you goes out to those who have inspired, supported and/or collaborated with me during this year, including;

Alex Laberge; Caz; Dayo Shofela; Erik Richards; Gary Heiss; Jack Daniels; James Lane; Jude; Lianne Quarrie; Pete Simmons; Russell Turner; Steve Clarke; Wills

My sincerest of apologies if I've forgotten to include anyone.


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