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Remwoir In The City

When Remwoir's Instagram profile caught my attention his quirky individual style and edgy looks yelled out to me; I simply had to arrange a shoot. I couldn't believe my luck when he agreed; but then Remwoir is not one to turn an opportunity down, he has to be one of the most prolific bloggers I've met turfing out more quality work than The Artist Formerly Known As Prince!

So the date was set, and we couldn't have chosen a colder one. How I managed to operate the tiny controls on my camera through gloves remains a mystery. But I wasn't going to let this one slide, if Remwoir can strut his stuff clad in nothing but a polar-neck in sub-zero temperatures the least I could do is knuckle under and man up.

The project was a joint collaboration with my new yet trusty companions Chris and Mike, our chosen location was the Barbican Estate in the City Of London.

I'm going through a bit of a no-flash phase so the plan was to use natural light with the aid of a reflector and the bright surfaces in the estate. Being in the throws of winter however was always going to be a challenge with daylight on ration so we had to move quickly and make the most of what we were afforded. Luckily we were able to use a well lit indoor stairway for some of the shots, much to the delight of poor Remwoir who I had managed to partially freeze.

The shoot was also my first opportunity to test-run my shiny new toy; my Tamron 70-200mm f2.8. Now I'm not making excuses but I don't think I did it justice as I spent the majority of the shoot trying to steady my shivering hands. Needless to say most of the images were shot using my easier to manage 24-70mm in the end.

Despite the artic conditions I had a great day in fantastic company. Chris and Mike were on top of their game; and Remwoir was a real sport, I definately hope to have the privilege of working with this promising natural talent again in the future.


Barbican Estate, City Of London





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