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Sunday 24 March 2019 was the date I held my first shootparty, an idea that evolved out of the fact that I couldn't afford the rental on a location I had my eyes on for ages. It wasn't actually Safehouse that I wanted to hire in the first place, it was the larger more prestigious venue Asylum Chapel owned by Maverick Projects. But on learning that the rental for Asylum would be over £1000 I turned my attention to their smaller but equally charming properties Safehouse 1 and 2.

The booking secured, all that was left to was to get seven other photographers onboard and split the cost, turns out that was the easy part, all seven places were claimed within hours. All the shooters had to do now was turn up on the day with their models, their imagination and make some beautiful art.



Beverley Nelson

Erica Alexander

George Dyer

Kwesi McLeod

Michael Aji

Sharon Douglas

Stevan Borthwick

Williams Tchoumbou


Abss Dumont

Carlene Jayne


Mari Lankots

Nicole Shantai


Shaun Flores




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