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2016 in focus

2016 was the year my photographic journey went ballistic. I bought my first DSLR, watched tons of Youtube video's and got out there shooting literally everything! Often frustrated but never tired, I kept at it.. learning along the way and meeting some fantastic and inspiring people in the process.

With a new year around the corner I'm anticipating some new and exciting challenges (and hopefully some new kit) because this journey is far from over.

lessons learnt

So to anyone thinking of venturing into the wonderful art of photography, here's a few words of advice..

Spend wisely:

Whilst equipment needn't be pricy there's a good chance you'll end up hooked. As your technique blossoms so will the desire for newer and better gear. Do your research and shop around, you'll see that this addiction can be affordable.

Don't delete anything!:

That picture you took 6 months ago may take on a whole new lease of life as your taste develop. I also use some of my early attempts as a benchmark for my development.

Keep at it:

Sure as night follows day you'll find your niche. Be patient and don't be drawn into people pleasing; the rewards of your tenacity will follow through.

my proudest moments

50 of my personal favourites from 2016.

(In a continuous state of flux so please check back regularly)

credit to my heroes..

A special thank you goes out to those who have guided, inspired and supported me along the way..

Alex Laberge


Dayo Shofela

Erik Richards

Gary Heiss

Jack Daniels

Jen Pedler


Matthias Finding

Pete Simmons

Russell Turner

Steve Clarke

My sincerest of apologies if I've missed anyone out.


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