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Monday remained mainly dry until I set out to meet my client. However the British weather wasn't going to dampen this young, ambitious and creative soul's energy, we had a job to do.

My brief was simply to provide Solomon Wallace (aka Solo Kulture) with some images highlighting his line of customised denim, "Creating and reviving the look of clothes" is how he describes his venture,

But the talent doesn't end there.. Solomon also writes poetry, his left ear always has a pen wedged behind it suggesting that he is at the ready for that next bout of inspiration. And inspired he is, forever a dreamer, a planner, a do-er.. brimming with lyrics and a passion for his art.

We set off from London Bridge Station along the Thames stopping off at various locations for a quick photo. At times I found myself under Solomon's instruction; he has a plan for how he wants the world to see him, but never arrogant and always open to suggestion. A natural communicator, Solomon even managed an impromptu jam with street musician Mikael.

Our photo shoot led us to Waterloo, both hungry and exhausted we decided to eat and call it a day. The four hours I spent with this shining star set my imagination into orbit, making plans for our next meet. Here is a young man on the move, he plans to set the streets on fire with his hands and mind and carries with him all the ingredients for success. I wish him all the best and only hope my imagery will do him justice.



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