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I proudly describe my work as Identity Art, the focus being the intersection of masculinity, sexuality and placement. I consider the constraints imposed upon black and brown men, but also recognise and celebrate our potential, achievement and worth.

Most of my references are drawn from memory and personal experience, but also from the systems and attitudes (both historic and present day) that play into the reductive process of othering.

The bulk of my artwork takes the form of digital collage and is created using original photography, archival and found images, typography, wallpaper, and textiles.


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Road Trip:

The Space Between
TM Lighting Gallery, London
September 2023
Open at Atelier Beside The Sea
Atelier Beside The Sea, Brighton
July 2023
Wells Art Contemporary
Wells Cathedral, Wells
August 2023
Photo Frome: Intersectional Matter - Waste
Gallery at The Station, Frome
June 2023
Artbox Expo Basel
Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse, Basel
June 2023
LCC Shows 2023
London College of Communication, London
May 2023
Peckham 24: Notes on a Native Son: After Baldwin
Copeland Gallery, London
May 2023

Upstairs At The Ritzy, London

​January 2023

ING Discerning Eye 2022
The Mall Galleries, London
November 2022
Power And Glory
The Brady Arts Centre, London
October 2022

BA Photography Work In Progress
Copeland Gallery, London.
March 2022
Burgh House, London.
June 2021
A series of eco-mindful workshops promoting the use of the anthotyp photogram technique on old clothing. Collaboration with fellow UAL student Nathan Wright.
Mental health based University project in collaboration with students Stela Csizmazia and Liv Dawes.
January 2022
New Waves
Conversation with artists Ope Lori and Othello De’Souza-Hartley. Hosted by students George Dyer and Mars Obonyo.
October 2021
Toilet Talks!
George Dyer joins Kairo Kay to discuss all things post-production, university and tips for up and coming photographers.
June 2021
Rebirth Editorial
HUF Magazine.
June 2018
Get together and shoot! A cost, resource and knowledge sharing initiative designed to give access to spaces usually too expensive to hire alone.

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