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Peckham 24

I was extremely excited to learn that MUFA was to appear in this year's PECKHAM 24 festival which returned to Copeland Park and Bussey Building for 3 days between 12 and 14 May 2023. This was the first time I used a lightbox in one of my pieces, allowing the colours to pop in the same way they do on my PC screen.

Notes On A Native Son: After Baldwin:

Presented as part of PECKHAM 24, Notes on a Native Son: After Baldwin brings together nine Black artists whose work expands and challenges contemporary representations of Black men in the UK and North America. Curated by Emma Bowkett and Jermaine Francis, Notes on a Native Son takes a multifaceted approach to the physical, psychological, and historical negotiation of Black masculinity through photographic frameworks. The nine featured artists showcase the richness, complexity, and nuances of the Black male experience – and how it intersects with class, sexuality, and dis/ability – refusing the narrow confines of the white, Western gaze. The result is an exhibition that celebrates the multiplicity of the Black diaspora and draws attention to the power of photography to subvert stereotypical portrayals of contemporary Black life.

synopsis by Peckham 24


Copeland Park and Bussey Building
12 - 14 May 2023

On display:

MUFA 8 (2022)

iD Magazine Feature:


Featured artists:

George Dyer

Jon Henry

Andrew Jackson

Dexter McLean

Cian Oba-Smith

Karl Ohiri

Ryan Prince

Kadar R. Small

Amani Willett


Peckham 24

Notes on a Native Son: After Baldwin

Copeland Park and Bussey Building

MUFA Series

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