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Wells Art Contemporary

Group exhibition:

Wells Art Contemporary (WAC) makes a comeback for 2023 and includes 28 site-specific works, a gallery of over 130 artworks in the Cloisters (including yours truly), and 4 further artworks contributed by Community Project partners.

The exhibition is open from 9am to 4.30pm seven days a week but do note Wells is a working cathedral and parts of the building are not accessible during public services.

The cathedral operates an admission by donation policy which allows it to keep the doors of this historic and beautiful place open to all (see for service times and donation details).

You Fit The Description:

The sus laws (stop and search) introduced in the 70’s saw a disproportional number of black youths being stopped and searched under the guise of loitering with intent to commit an arrestable offence. The (un)conscious bias built into the process treated the black male as a collective mass with little consideration to character differences.

The act of profiling is not exclusive to law enforcement agencies, it also exists within many of our institutions and thus continues to foster a culture of mistrust towards the black male (and community) amongst many.


Wells Cathedral

Cathedral Green





5 August - 2 September 2023

9am to 4.30pm

On show:

YFTD 2 (2022)




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