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Shootparty 2

Shootparty evolved out of the desire to shoot in locations I wouldn't be able to afford by myself. Whilst doing some location scouting I stumbled across Safehouse 2 in South London. The venue was full of character and charm, with its peeling masonry and exposed beams, but alas it was out of my tiny photographers budget. That's when I had the idea of contacting some friends to see if they'd be interested in shooting there, we'd all share the cost and walk away with some stunning images.

Six months later and our second outing took us to Blasé House in Hackney Wick. What a gem of a space with so much to offer.. in fact I don't think there was a single Shootparty member who managed to use all the available rooms (I feel a return visit coming). On top of that, the Uterus-Six guys were the best hosts you could ask for.

My model for the day was veteran and favourite Remwoir,, who appears to grow taller each time we meet!

Managed to sneak in a couple of behind-the-scenes shots; Karen is being captured here by Beverley Nelson. More from this power-couple on the Shootparty Instagram page.

Shootparty is all about sharing.. Remwoir is paired up here with Williams Tchoumbou's beautiful model Amoy.



Beverley Nelson

Erica Alexander

Funmi Akingbe

George Dyer

Joanne Frederick

Mike Ashley

Stevan Borthwick

Williams Tchoumbou




Michael Pitt

Nadine Brigitte




Ayden Richards



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